Conferences and dissemination

October 2022: such an eventful month, especially from a research dissemination point of view!

This will be a very short blog post just to add to these records my participation in two conferences so the readers have a repository to access the first dissemination events of this research

The first conference I presented in is Dyes in History and Archaeology 2022 (41st edition) organized by the Swedish National Heritage Board in Visby. Here I presented the first results of dye and elemental analysis on two Wari khipus in Gothenburg.

A peer-reviewed paper will be published in a special number of Heritage MDPI Open Access Journal dedicated to DHA41.

The second conference I presented at was the IX International Pre-Columbian and Amerindian Textiles Conference, organized at the MUDEC museum in Milan.

If on one side an expanded version of the presentation will be published in the acts of the conference, here you can find the online video recording of the presentation.

Lucrezia Milillo presenting at the IX International Pre-Columbian and Amerindian Textiles Conference

If the DHA41 presentation was more data-oriented, the presentation at the Pre-Columbian and Amerindian Textiles conference was more theoretical.

I hope you find them interesting and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or observations regarding my talks.